Christian Destiny Christian Destiny
The Soldier

    With careful hands we propped him
       Behind the sheltering wall,
    While round us the explosions
       Wrought terror in us all.
    We asked how he was wounded.
       He answered undismayed,
    “The orders of our Captain
       Must always be obeyed.”

    With fading strength he whispered
       How he had joined the corps,
    Called by his nation’s Sovereign
       To serve in peace or war.
    It mattered not the issue,
       Nor did he count the cost—
    He would be a faithful soldier
       Or the kingdom might be lost.

    The victories had been narrow,
       The carnage wide and large,
    But, ah, the foe was vanquished
       In many a glorious charge.
    He served our valiant Captain
       In battles small and great;
    Hence the beloved homeland
       Was spared a grievous fate.

    Now this, his final battle,
       He said with closing eyes,
    Despite its sombre outcome
       Would bring the victor’s prize.
    Then with his life’s last breathing
       Those gripping words relayed,
    “The orders of our Captain
       Must always be obeyed.”

    Those words still shine before me,
       Their meaning sharp and fine—
    To be a Christian soldier
       Means life is on the line.
    We press our Sovereign’s battle
       With choice already made,
    The orders of our Captain
       Will always be obeyed!

      —Dave Breese