Christian Destiny Christian Destiny
The Sunward Trail

    Looking back on life’s unfolding,
       Thinking of the days, the years,
    Once again the memory quickens,
       Thoughts of happiness and tears.
    And with all these sweet reviewings,
       This great truth I’ll ere recall,
    That the God who rules the cosmos
       Has stood watch above it all.

    Never has there been a moment
       When my Lord has not been near.
    Not an hour has come upon me
       When His presence failed to cheer.
    Day by day I walk rejoicing,
       Hand in arm with Christ my friend,
    Knowing I am His beloved,
       Having life that cannot end.

    Through the mottled lights and shadows,
       We have travelled, Christ and I,
    On this varigated pathway,
       Winding upward to the sky.
    Oft the storm has blown upon us,
       Ofter still the sun’s glad rays
    Have illumined every football
       Through life’s bright and gracious days.

    Since the hour the journey started,
       When He called me to His side,
    “Leave the darkness,” was His promise,
       “I will always be your guide.”
    Naught but fools could longer linger
       In this land of Adam’s fall,
    So I leaped with joy and followed,
       Having heard the loving call.

    Now the path is still more sunward,
       Now the air is purer still,
    Ah, what glory has attended
       Since the day I said, “I will.”
    Soon before the throne majestic,
       In that palace in the sky,
    Soon in heaven’s broad pavilions,
       We shall meet, my Lord and I.

      —Dave Breese