Christian Destiny Christian Destiny

    I’m told that man was once a frog
       or crocodile perhaps,
    Who slithered round the murky pools
       with all the other chaps,
    With Mr. Snake and Sally Shrimp
       and rhinos big and small,
    That life began back in the slime,
       that swamp worms spawned us all.

    We then heard of the missing link
       who’s missing still I hear.
    But wait, he’s learned to walk and think,
       just how remains unclear.
    He’s learned enough to start some wars
       and kill most of his friends,
    To read the Wall Street Journal
       for the economic trends.

    Now he looks through a telescope
       and “sees” his future there.
    He plans in April, first, I think,
       to climb some heavenly stair.
    He long since has invented god
       and hopes to shake her hand,
    While passing on some good advice
       from Never-Never Land.

    He’s now an existentialist
       who teaches at some schools,
    And tells the little boys and girls
       there really are no rules.
    No up, no down, no back, no front,
       no anything you see.
    We are but weary wanderers
       like flotsam on the sea.

    For nothing was and nothing is
       and nothing can be proved;
    For what was once foundational
       has long since been removed.
    What is the end of these strange things
       no love, no joy, no sorrow?
    The end of all these things is near;
       the funeral is tomorrow.

      —Dave Breese