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This Unfair World

I wonder if you have ever been beset, even almost overcome by a sense of unfairness in this world. I’m sure that you and I recognize together that things do not add up in life in the way we expect. And it’s the unanswerable questions of life which boggle the mind and often tempt us to throw up our hands and say, “It’s all unfair and I cannot really make any sense out of it all.”

It does seem to be unfair when we tell ourselves that we are in this world from whence we know not where. We are here to do things we know not what. We are moving through a problem-filled existence with very little reason at all. We are soon to die and move into nothingness or into an unknown future, over which we have no control. Indeed, when we draw all of our conclusions from merely the sight of our eyes, we can easily argue that life is unfair.

I had exactly that feeling until a remarkable thing happened to me. Someone told me about the Bible and about Jesus Christ and the way of salvation that was available in Him. When I began to pay attention to the Bible and read it with genuine concern, I discovered some things I had never known before. I learned that we are not here by accident, but here because of a specific creation of God. I learned that none of us is here to live for nothing or to accomplish little, but that we are creatures of divine destiny. I learned, most of all, about the astonishing love of God in that He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins and to rise again in order that we might have eternal life and a home in heaven that goes on forever. I learned that Christ is coming again to take us home to be with Himself. I learned that all of this wonderful set of possessions which include a present sense of destiny and a home in heaven is mine as an absolutely free gift. I could receive it all by simply reaching out and taking the offer which God had made because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I was absolutely astonished to discover that while the wages of sin is death, the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

May I suggest that that awful sense of unfairness hangs heavy upon the heart of every person who is not a Christian. If he allows this to continue, he will ultimately succumb to the awful burden of bitterness and die from his resentment of his own creation and his lack of knowledge of God. What an awful way to go!

If that sense of unfairness presses upon you today, may I recommend another course of action? We live in a world of sin which makes everything human to be quite unfair. But, by receiving Christ as personal Savior we then become seated in the heavenlies with Christ and are given that spacious, broad point of view which comes from seeing things as God sees them. We lose then that sense of unfairness and see ourselves as being commissioned to accomplish a great task in the world. That task is to literally use that sense of unfairness which lives in the heart of every person and cause it to be a motivation to invite that person to come to Christ.

Jesus Christ begins to resolve the problems of life when we know Him and ultimately, when we are delivered from this inevitably frustrating world and go to be with Him in heaven, He will resolve every anomaly of life without exception. One of the great motivations of becoming a Christian is that one is delivered from frustration, bitterness and potential insanity by committing the ultimate logic of life to the Lord. He begins to live for the overarching purposes of heaven and that is the way to keep it all straight. Now let me tell you, you will either keep it all straight or you will come apart with the contradictions of life. The difference is Jesus Christ.