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God and History

Absolute and Eternal Truths
People today are desperate to hear that God is still in control, to know that it's all going to turn out right. Now is the time to strike out more aggressively than ever with the message that Jesus saves.

The Tide of Our Times
Fewer people attend weekly church services, and among those who do, little instruction in God's Word is found. Little wonder that nuclear weapons, ecuminism and human experimentation proliferate.

Christianity, What Is It?
Most have heard but do not understand. One who does not understand the Gospel, who is confused about Christianity, is in life's greatest peril. Everything depends upon a proper answer to this question.
Your Questions Answered
What does it mean to be baptized by the Holy Spirit? How can I get God to control my life? Why does there seem to be so much more evil in the world than in the past?