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Moving Towards the End-Time Wars

The Power of the Press
War is indeed a terrible thing. As patriotic Americans, we stand behind our commander in chief and our brave troops who have fought so heroically. We are also standing up as a protector of Israel.

The Tide of Our Times
The European Union could soon have a total membership of 25 nations and a population of more than 450 million. The Bible tells us the last days perils will be answered by a 'Man with a Plan,' the Antichrist!

Object and Objective
The absence of correct thought can be ascribed to the fact that most people, in what passes for thinking today, allow their thoughts to center on the wrong objects and to contemplate the wrong objectives.
Your Questions Answered
Why is the world so bad? Why does not God intervene in our deteriorating culture? How much should Christians be involved in political, human activism?