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Stand in Awe!

No Crestfallen Christians Allowed
The cares of life are somehow crashing on an increasing number of people, leaving them failing to attain the splendor and victory that should be theirs. A short contemplation of Christianity should be enough to lift our minds and spirits.

The Tide of Our Times
A challenge from Rick Warren: In the next 365 days, 2.3 million Americans and 54 million people around the world will die without knowing Christ. Is anybody going to heaven because of you?

God's Little Machine Shop?
There is no tragedy for real machines not to have lived. But when living, acting, breathing human beings are theologically hypnotized into believing themselves to be nonvolitional life, this is tragedy indeed.
Your Questions Answered
Where do I get wisdom? Why do there seem to be so many cases of spiritual fatigue in our churches? What happens when a Christian marries an unbeliever? How can I successfully resist temptation?